If you are new with us, we are so glad you are here. We also realize that being new somewhere, especially at a church, can be daunting. We want to help you form spiritual community and friendships to help you grow and flourish. While each of us are at different points on our journey, we want to lay out a few paths that may help guide you to connect with God and God’s people. 

1st Step: Introductions

  1. Service- join us on Sundays as we worship. After the service, stay for fellowship and refreshments to get to know others.
  2. Connection Cards-- You can fill these cards out during the service and place them in the offering bag or give them to one of the pastors or Welcome Team after the service. These cards help us learn more about you and find ways to welcome you into our community or how we can pray for you.

2nd Step: Participation

  1. Alpha Course- this 8-week course introduces you to the Christian faith. Over lunch, teaching, and discussion, you will be able to ask questions, explore the Bible, and grow in your understanding of Christianity. This is a perfect opportunity if you are new to the church or want to learn about the basics of our faith.
  2. Life Groups- these are weekly or bi-weekly groups that meet together over a meal or coffee to do life together. They are a place to openly share, study the Bible, and pray for each other.
  3. Volunteer- Serving in a ministry is a great way to engage in God’s purposes for our lives and grow deeper in relationships with other. Even if you are new with us, we can help find ways for you to get involved and use your gifts.